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It is our mission as your specialist for pressing technology to assist winegrowers in the processing of their precious wines with the world‘s best grape press. The patented double-membrane technology and the vertical juice channels create a unique pressing system, achieving results of the highest quality and economic efficiency through the particularly gentle handling of your valuable grapes.
“Optimal must yield in premium quality” – your work in the vineyard must be worthwhile!

True to the saying “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”, we now provide you with complementary grape processing systems that ensure the same gentle and efficient handling of your grapes in the upstream processes. All you need for your goal of “optimum must yield in premium quality” and your complete winery equipment can be realised from a single source. Needless to say, all our
products are Made in Germany.

The range of WiLLMES distribution products covers the following areas: Loading, Transport, Destemming, Sorting


The grape receiving hoppers have a broad opening, ideal for discharging boxes or similar standardised containers.

The vibratory receiving hoppers have a pre-juicing section where free juice is collected directly and not a drop is lost.

The vibratory conveyor of the grape receiving hopper ensures uniform filling of the downstream systems, such as a sorting table or a destemmer. In contrast to a feed auger, the grapes are not mechanically stressed or crushed here, but literally hop on to the next station.

There are both fixed and hydraulically adjustable hoppers, the latter being able to regulate the feeding speed with the discharge angle.

The hinged collecting trays ensure that the hoppers are easy to clean.

Vibratory feed hopper

Height adjustable grape receiving
hopper with insect trap

Transport, crushing, pumping

We offer grape and must pumps as well as conveyor belts in various designs for transporting and downstream processing of the grapes. Our grape and must pumps, which vary in the size of their feed hoppers, can pump between 2 and 100 tonnes of grapes per hour. Dry-running and overflow protection ensure safe operation. This protection measures the current fill level with an ultrasonic probe. This sophisticated probe can even detect dry mash where it is installed.

If you want to crush the grapes before they are fed into the press, there are several ways to integrate a crusher into the system. The crushers can stand alone or they can be fitted to the vibratory feed tables and conveyor belts.

If crushers are installed, the crushing of the grapes can nevertheless be suspended as desired without time-consuming disassembly.
The crusher can be swivelled away or covered, depending on the product. You can also align the rollers in the opposite direction and let the grapes run past the crusher.

The conveyor belts are available in different lengths. Between 2 and 25 tonnes per hour can be transported, depending on the speed.
All conveyor systems are hydraulically adjustable in height.


Grape and must pump

Crusher with rack

Destemming (ROTOVIB)

Your benefits

  • Gentle destemming through low speeds and vibration support
  • It is possible to adapt the rotation speed of the destemming shaft as well as the synchronous and counter rotation of the basket individually and depending on the grape variety and grape condition.
  • Swift cleaning without tools with good accessibility to the individual assemblies.
  • Can be equipped with one or two roller sorters, depending on the desired result.
  • Made entirely of stainless steel – Made in Germany

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The ROTOVIB vibrating destemmer ensures very gentle and careful handling of the grapes.

During destemming, the destemmer fingers and the grape-protecting plastic basket rotate in the same direction to avoid any crushing. The patented vibration technology actuates the vibration of the destemmer fingers, which makes it easier to loosen the grapes and thus contributes significantly to the particularly gentle processing of the grapes. The speed can be easily selected to suit the requirements of the grape varieties via the frequency converter.

After the removal of crude impurities, the loosened berries first fall onto the first of the two downstream roller sorters and then onto the second roller sorter, which is equipped with finer spacing, to remove finer debris such as insects or leather berries. Both roller sorters have independently adjustable running speeds

The result: Optimum yield combined with the gentlest possible processing.

On top of that, ROTOVIB is designed for particularly fast and uncomplicated cleaning. For cleaning, you can simply unfold the casing panels and pull out the roller sorters, similar to a drawer. No need for any tools. Because of its robust and high-quality materials, the machine can be completely frothed in and hosed down.

ROTOVIB with 2 roller sorters


These vibrating conveyors are perfect for manual pre- or post-sorting of grapes.

The high-end sorting tables have draining slots and a tray for collecting released juice as well as dry plant residues.

The vibrating conveyors have a frequency converter that allows you to control the vibration speed as desired.

The vibrating conveyors are available in different lengths and conveying angles. For charging, there is also the option of a version with a mounted hopper or tipping device for emptying crates.

The capacity averages 5 tons per hour.

Various lengths and designs are available.

Vibrating conveyor with hopper
and raised stand

Vibrating conveyor

Vibrating conveyor with hopper

Optical Sorting (GRAPESORT)

Optical grape sorting GRAPESORT

GRAPESORT is designed for fully automatic, optical grape sorting. After feeding, a conveyor belt evenly accelerates the grapes, which are then delivered in flight to the heart of the sorting machine.

A camera scans the grapes at up to 18,000 images per second and sorts them according to preset parameters. The sorting is set via a large touch screen where the desired colour of the berries can be selected as one of the sorting criteria. By means of the additional inspection with NIR (near infrared), the sorting machine is also able to sort out same-coloured but dried berries, or even to sort the berries by their degree Oechsle.

The flawed berries are „shot out“ precisely with an air blast from 128 valves. Camera detection and sorting are done on the fly, because only the individual grape is detected.