50% lower pressure

This is made possible by the double membrane technology. Applied physics in simple terms:
P = F/A (P = pressure, F = force, A = area of application).

This physical law deals with the relations between pressure, force and bearing surface. If the area of application doubles, pressure is halved at the same force.

Higher juice yield
– shorter pressing time

As compared to conventional systems, the short juice paths, the perforated area of the Perfect-Flow mesh tissue that is four times denser and the double area of pressure application allow up to 95% yield at pressures of less than 0.8 bar.
This results in extremely high-quality must. Due to the pressing principle, the pressing times are also reduced by up to 30%, as compared to conventional systems.

70% less lees
Lower amount of fine lees due to lower pressure and the particularly fine mesh tissue, fewer rotations and fewer pressing cycles.
The lees generated by pressing are up to 70% lower than in conventional static presses and even several times lower than in non-static presses.
The gentle processing of grapes results frequently only in 2% lees. As a result, the net juice yield and the must quality are significantly increased by the low content of lees.

Intelligent pressing programs

These are programs that are perfectly adapted to all grades and types of grape harvest and lead to optimum pressing results.
Of course, you can also enter other programs, at your discretion, if you wish to pursue specific goals or try something new.

30% more filling quantity
The vertical filling with mash over the door opening(s) is more efficient and qualitatively much gentler than the axial filling, since rotations to facilitate distribution are no longer required.
Due to the special design of the press body and the vertical juice channels, the juice can flow directly into the filling position, without rotations of the pressing body being required.
The result: The design-optimised pre-juicing results in a considerably higher amount of filling material (up to 50% more than in conventional systems).

Better energy efficiency
– high stable value

Lower pressing power and a reduction of up to 50% in the volume of compressed air; shorter pressing times, faster and simplified cleaning – all of this means better energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and economic feasibility.


Double membrane technology
In contrast to a half-sided membrane, the double-sided membrane has a substantially larger (double) area of pressure application.
In terms of physics, this means less pressure expenditure and less compression of the material to be pressed at the same force, which acts uniformly on the material to be pressed from all sides.

Vertical, flexible juice channels
The double-sided membrane presses the material to be pressed against the vertical juice discharge areas, which act like natural drains. Irrespective of the filling height, this always results in the same short juice paths, which allows the juice to drain more directly and quickly. If the membrane is relieved of pressure (vacuum released), the material to be pressed falls together.
The lateral pressure direction and the flexibility of the juice channels lead to continual self- cleaning of the mesh tissue.
These things make the rotational effort for crumbling negligible and fewer pressing cycles are required.
The mechanical load on the material to be pressed is kept to a minimum, thus resulting in a lower quantity of lees and a higher yield of premium-quality juice.


Flexidrain® – flexible vertical juice drains

Hermetically sealable doors. The door seal can easily be removed for cleaning.

Door ventilation valve (optional). Especially for the reductive expansion, the automatically controllable valve allows direct ventilation or venting in the membrane control, without the need to press air through the mash.

Axial filling valve (optional)

Central juice outlet with integrated adjustable valve

Juice pipe. Through the juice pipe, the juice from the juice channels proceeds to the central juice outlet at the lowest point outside the press tank.

Inert gas coupling valve (optional)

Must pump control (optional)

Easy mounting/dismounting of the Flexidrain®

Pneumatic control with reversible blower for an efficient and energy-saving pre-pressure and evacuation control (optional: integrated compressor)

Particularly durable special membrane

Control console with integrated touchpanel


Unique pressing technology
Thanks to the patented double-membrane technology with vertical Flexidrain® juice channels in combination with the Perfect-Flow mesh, the SIGMA offers you a unique press system that yields impressive press results of the highest quality and economic efficiency.

You benefit from a unique pressing technique. The advantages of this technique include considerably shorter pressing times, larger filling quantities, lower mechanical loads on the material to be pressed and significantly higher premium-quality must yield.

Maximum flexibility for all requirements
Thanks to the hermetically sealable door openings and many other innovative features, you have a wide range of applications available to you. All design requirements during grape processing are catered for, in an ambitious winery.

Whether whole-cluster or mash processing, vertical or axial filling, maceration in the tank, pressing with inert gas, additional cooling, reductive or oxidative grape processing – all options are available with the SIGMA.

Intelligent control programs and maximum comfort
The easy and intuitive operation via a touch panel allows access to all pressing and cleaning programs that have been developed and perfected over the years, together with leading oenologists and experienced users worldwide.
The vertical juice channels can be dismantled and installed in no time for easy cleaning. In combination with the corner and edge-free pressing body, this results in a drastic reduction in cleaning times and leads to a highly hygienic cleaning result.

The special design of the SIGMA allows an automatically controllable juice drain at a central point. This saves space, prevents unwanted oxidation and environmental influences, simplifies the logistics of the juice control and keeps the press clean.



Whole cluster*
Pressing times (approx. 2.5 h)
Fresh mash*
Pressingtimes (approx. 2.0 h)
Fermented grapes*
Pressing times (approx. 1.5 h)
L x B x H(mm)
SIGMA 3 2,1 t 7,5 t 12,0 t 3740 x 1870 x 2120
SIGMA 5 3,5 t 12,5 t 20,0 t 4740 x 1940 x 2260
SIGMA 6 4,2 t 15,0 t 24,0 t 5180 x 2100 x 2530
SIGMA 8 5,6 t 20,0 t 32,0 t 5890 x 2100 x 2530
SIGMA 9 6,3 t 22,0 t 35,0 t 5470 x 2300 x 2810
SIGMA 12 8,4 t 30,0 t 48,0 t 5970 x 2500 x 2800
SIGMA 16 11,2 t 40,0 t 64,0 t 7100 x 2500 x 2880
SIGMA 24 16,8 t 60,0 t 96,0 t 7720 x 3060 x 3460
SIGMA 34 23,8 t 85,0 t 136,0 t 9720 x 3060 x 3460
SIGMA UNI 0,5 t 1,7 t 2,8 t 1990 x 1610 x 1760
SIGMA 41 with large door 3,0 t 10,0 t 16,0 t 3590 x 2020 x 2130
SIGMA 55 with large door 4,0 t 13,0 t 21,0 t 4290 x 2020 x 2130

*Maximum weight


Your Sigma is extremely low-maintenance and stable in value – thanks to the double membrane and the gentle pressing technology.
Nevertheless, if things should go wrong: Nobody knows your SIGMA better than our experienced specialists. That is why we are here for you – whenever you need us.

Our tailor-made service agreements let you benefit from reliable long-term planning and transparent cost control.